Amy Garcia-Baker

It all began with a call centre job.

Allow me to explain:

It was the first time I learned about, and was trained on, active listening.  I honed my active listening skills there and then moved on to become a massage therapist.  

That’s where I began to notice that people opened up to me.  It seemed that I became the person that some people came to to feel better physically and maybe even feel a little bit lighter emotionally.

As the years went on, I discovered that it was, and still is, quite common for people to open up and share with me what’s on their hearts and minds.  

I started to realize that being the person that people could trust and feel safe enough with to share the things they couldn’t share with anyone else, was my favourite part of what I did. 


When my body could no longer handle the physical aspect of massage therapy, I went back to school to for my Counselling Diploma, which I am currently completing through the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling (KCPC), and my Life Coaching Certification, which I am currently completing through the Courageous Living Coaching Certification (CLCC).

After what felt like years of searching for what filled me up, I realized that it was something that was with me all along. It just took a little bit of uncovering to know what it really looked like.

If you feel like you are searching too, I would love to help you uncover what might be hiding in plain sight.

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